About us

Company Profile

Founded in 1998 TheBioTechPanel GmbH uses its worldwide network of experienced life science investors and global biotech entrepreneurs to build the bridge between them and bring them closer to the enormous advancement in the biological sciences.

The network of TheBioTechPanel GmbH evaluates biotechnology companies, their products and technologies, their scientists and managers, as well as their finances. Investing in those companies requires not only an understanding of the company’s fundamentals, but also a knowledge of the company’s potential and the potential and scientific validity of its products and technologies.

Our Goal

Our goal is to impart our investors with the knowledge and insight so that they may have a heightened understanding and appreciation for the life science industry. By taking advantage of the most powerful sector in the twenty-first century, we hope this newfound insight can help our investors to identify the newest blockbuster technologies and discover the next industry leaders.

Utilizing our Executive and Advisory Network, TheBioTechPanel GmbH evaluates the most promising medical and scientific research in order to single out the best investment opportunities for our investors within the Life Science industry. Furthermore, our goal is also to search for innovative Biotech, Medtech and Diagnostic companies that may be tomorrow’s industry leaders and to discover the gems of medical biotech.

We seek out those companies that may one day deliver groundbreaking drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.. In the Biotech sector these great investment opportunities present themselves more frequently than one might expect; However, knowing which science to invest in is a huge challenge that requires specialized skills, education, and years of training.

While there may be plenty of promising small to mid-caps life science companies with exciting science/drugs and solid management teams, for many individual investors the complexity of the science and the regulatory processes can be daunting. TheBioTechPanel GmbH has the scientific, medical, and financial intelligence required to analyze and discover the most promising life science investments.


Frank Rothmaier
Managing Director

Frank Rothmaier has been working in the financial area for more than 25 years and focuses on life science since more than 12 years. With TheBioTechPanel he established a broad portfolio of life sciences investors such as family offices, mid-and smallcap fund managers, hedge funds and financed numerous promising biotech companies in the US and Europe. He is also known as a speaker at conferences worldwide. Frank is also involved in medical technology and knowhow transfer to developing countries. His international exposure includes Europe, the USA were he lived for 10 years, South America and the Middle East. Prior to TheBioTechPanel he was working as a senior broker at Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO and as a partner in a private European brokerage company.

Frank Rothmaier